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As each job is tailored to the individual, we felt that quoting prices here would only be misleading, as it depends on the work, so one of the things we hope to do on this site is actually show you the type of work we do, and what can be achieved. So we'll take you through some of our jobs, step by step, so you have an idea of what's available.

Bridge School Kent, carpentry and design by Forest Woodcraft A model of a new otdoor structure commission being designed and built by Forest Woodcraft

Owned and run by Peter Forest, an artist and carpenter who has worked in the field for over 25 years, Forest Woodcraft is fast becoming recognized as a company which provides excellent service at all phases of the project. From design and consultation, through the development stage, and finally installation, all aspects of project management are dealt with in co-ordination with the customer to provide a personalised, efficient service you can trust.

The Bridge School in Kent's outdoor structure

Recently, Forest Woodcraft completed a commission for Bridge School in Kent, where we were tasked with designing and constructing an innovative outdoor structure to act as a bespoke sheltered play area for the children. To find out more about this job,click here.

Another recent commission was for a lantern roof structure in Littlebourne in Kent. The entire structure was re-carved and assembled out of Green Oak, all the lead stripped and re-applied, and even the weather vain was fixed ....

Find out more about the making of the Littlebourne Lantern, in Littlebourne Kent

We're also in the process of designing custom built outdoor smoking areas, use the link to find out more...

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