Custom Outdoor Smoking Areas

Custom-Built Outdoor Smoking Areas

Our Idea ...

The idea behind our custom designed smoking areas is simple - to provide a comfortable, attractive, secure outdoor smoking area for your business's customers. We understand how important it is to retain customers, and our smoking area solutions are designed with this in mind.

We can tailor make a bespoke structure to suit your needs and specifications, and provide a build which enhances your business by designing a place where people will actually want to be rather than just have to because of the new laws! We use a variety of woods, including Ash, Chestnut, Oak, Willow, and Hazel, all sourced from sustainable managed woodlands in the South East, we can also build in Steel.

Any Size or Shape ..

Any size or shape can be created, and we'll consult with you throughout the project to ensure you're happy with the process. Seating, lighting, tables and heating can all be incorporated into the design, giving you a finished product ready for your customers. By giving you the say in what you want, and how you want it, we aim to take care of everything in one design, so you can relax and get on with running your business.

Local and National Guidelines

All builds will be made using weather-resistant sidings designed to allow air flow whilst keeping your customers dry, secure, and comfortable, and our knowledge of local and National Governmental guidelines will ensure we can design the structure you want so that it will be fully compliant.

Prices will vary according to the job, and materials used, as each structure is tailored to your needs. For more information, use our contact form , and we'll find the design that's right for your business.

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